Rent a car

Car rental at the airport

Rent a car from Cairo International Airport from Nassar Limousine. 0201011322559 We provide all types of cars to customers in Cairo

We provide all modern models for rent in Egypt at the cheapest prices

Rent your car from Cairo Airport with the ability to book in the easiest way before you come to Egypt

We offer car rental service from the airport with the driver to pick you up and take you to the hotels in Cairo and Giza without any problem

Our drivers have the highest level of experience and knowledge of the roads, and they are completely punctual

We have sedans, hatchbacks, four-wheel drives, and all kinds of buses for tourist and travel transportation in Egypt

Car rental in Egypt to receive foreign and Arab delegations, with an excellent private driver who will stay with you throughout the stay

Therefore, we have all kinds of new limousines with the easiest and fastest procedures,

modern cars for airport services, at the best prices in Egypt

additionally Limousine Nassar provides you with distinguished reception services for

those returning from travel from Cairo Airport, and our reception service is available 24 hours a day.

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Rent a car

Rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee car

rent a car jeep grand cherokee, the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee,0201011322559 which is distinguished among all cars, at the best prices

The all-new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee – for Jeep lovers – with Nassar’s limousine SUV – mid-size .. a completely new design from the outside and inside .. a large interior space

Amazing capabilities.. A jeep specially designed for off-road driving.. Grand Cherokee, the beast of the desert.. 01011322559

With many features, the Jeep is distinguished by an attractive design that attracts attention, a strong design, and a distinct modernity

Dedicated to the most powerful tourist adventures .. Enjoy the fun tourist trips 01011322559

Four-wheel drive system, a powerful high version, the latest versions, 2021, with a 4-cylinder engine, a capacity of 2200 cc

Rent a car

The price of car rental in Nasr City

Nassar Limousine Company offers limousine rental service at the best prices and discounts on all bookings on the occasion of the New Year.

We have 2022 SUV car rental available, we have all kinds of cars available for rent, so with the latest models

View all-wheel drive car rental rates For all rides as well as transfers, and therefore travel,

the lowest prices for renting an SUV 2021 inside or outside Cairo at the lowest costs.

We have 2020 limousines, 2021 sedans and 2022 4*4 sedans. We also have all kinds of cars.

Therefore, you can travel at the lowest prices for all 2021 cars inside or outside Cairo,

at prices that suit all our customers.

Limousine rental prices in Egypt 2021 for transfers outside Cairo start at fantastic prices with the best car rental prices in Egypt.

Hurry up to rent cars in Abbas El Akkad from Nassar Limousine. Luxury car rental at the best rental price in Egypt.

Fantastic prices for renting a car with a driver inside Cairo, the prices for renting cars with a driver at Nassar Limousine Company are affordable for everyone.

Car rental service in Egypt

Nassar Car Rental Limousine Company in Egypt provides the highest level of service, as it strives to provide the highest level of service to satisfy its customers.

Our service is 24 hours a day without any errors or delays .

we are working to provide all the requirements that you want as soon as possible

We have sedan cars available to set up all private rides such as Hyundai Elantra,

Kia Cerato and Toyota Corolla

We have a driverless rental service for you to enjoy privacy during your stay in Egypt,

with the ability to pick up the car from Cairo International Airport

We also have a daily driver hire service within Cairo for up to 12 hours a day

A professional and respectful driver who can be relied upon for all your travels and has extensive experience in all the places in Egypt that you want to visit

In addition, we have a distinguished package of Cairo tourist transport buses to travel from Cairo to all governorates of Egypt

Buses ready to transport all groups from the airport and transfer to the hotel .

Buses can accommodate from 7 to 50 people in the easiest way

Rent a Wedding car rental at the best prices

Renting a modern wedding limousine from Nassar, luxuriously and distinctively,

as well as elegant, gives you a dazzling look on your wedding day.

Nassar Limousine Company offers you all the wedding cars that you need for wedding car rental

Therefore, all types and models meet the needs of all tastes. A distinctive and elegant wedding car that suits your special day, provided by Nassar Limousine, equipped, air-conditioned and decorated.

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