Cairo limousine rental

Limousine rental at the best prices in Egypt | limousine nassar

Limousine rental in Egypt

rent limousine from Nassar limousine for tourist transportation service with the best rental service in Egypt at the best prices and offers 0201119940301+

Various VIP limousines to meet all your movements inside Cairo and thus outside Cairo to all governorates of Egypt Subsequently

Private limousine rental inside Egypt is your ideal solution to move around in the crowds of Cairo

and reach your destination as quickly as possible.Subsequently

Distinguished limousines with a variety of models to meet all the requirements of our customers

and to provide the ideal vehicle that they need for their transportation accordingly

We provide you with a variety of cars, where you can find all sedan cars in their categories

(Hyundai – Kia – Mercedes – Nissan … and others)Subsequently

We also have modern SUV limousines available with or without a driver to meet the demands of different customers accordingly

Therefore, we have excellent limousine services for four-wheel drive cars of the latest models (Range Rover – Land Cruiser – Fortune – Cherokee …)

Limousine rental Egypt with the best rental services in the private car rental market

provided to you by our company, Limousine Nassar

as we provide you with modern cars with highly qualified drivers accordingly

rent limousine |Limousine for rent in Egypt

For exhausting daily rides, rent a private limousine from Nassar Limousine for more comfortable transfers between Cairo neighborhoods

and therefore for day-use trips to any governorate accordingly

Cairo limousine rent for connections, diaries, and for all the transportation services that you can need in your day.

We will be with you with the fastest service in Egypt Subsequently

Daily tasks have a limited time that requires speed

so we guarantee you with us, when renting a limousine, perfect transfers without any delay in your appointments

For important daily occasions and events, we have luxury limousines

of the highest categories to show you a sophisticated look in your VIP transfers

High quality daily limousine car rental service that we offer to all transfers of businessmen in Egypt,

residing at home or coming to us from all Arab countries and Europe.

Limousine rental in Egypt has now become easier accordingly

as we have an online car reservation service by contacting our customer service on 0201119940301

Our daily rent is characterized by the ease of contracting

especially when renting a car with a driver, so that we can make it easier for our customers and provide them with an ideal rental service

Cairo limousine rental

rent limousine |Monthly limousine rental

Egypt limousine rental is a monthly service that we offer to all our Egyptian customers

or those who hold any other nationality

Renting a limousine with a driver monthly is the ideal solution for company owners

as most managers prefer to rent a Mercedes limousine because it is a VIP car that all businessmen resort to.

At Nassar Limousine, we provide you with all kinds of Mercedes cars in their various models

Limousine Nassar, a limousine rental office in Cairo

provides you with all the numbers of limousines you need, whether for companies or institutions, and thus monthly car rental for individuals.

Available now for renting a limousine without a driver, with the easiest and fastest procedures in Egypt.

A limousine rental company based in Nasr City, we work to facilitate your transportation.

A limousine rental company

We offer you a limousine rental service with and without a driver, not for one month, but for more than a month as well.

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rent limousine|Luxury wedding limousine rental

Renting a limousine for weddings and happy occasions is certainly one of the most distinguished services

in Nassar Limousine, as we provide our customers with a variety of elegant wedding cars.

Let them choose the car that gives them a perfect wedding day during their transportation

For weddings, rent a limousine in Egypt from Limousine Nassar. Make it always your first choice for you and your family for all your occasions.

Limousine rental for parties, as well as limousine rental for birthdays and therefore for engagement and wedding occasions

As we are one of the best wedding limousine rental offices in Egypt

with the testimony of our customers over many years in the limousine rental service in Egypt

Wedding limousine rental, long limousines, sedan limousines, and cabriolet limousines

  Rent wedding limousines for photo sessions that add elegance to your wedding day

Limousine rental for all private parties and graduation parties. We provide you with wedding services throughout Cairo as well as Alexandria

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Limousine rental price in Cairo

How much is a limousine rental price in Cairo … This is often the first question that comes to your mind when you start searching for a private limousine

for rent for a certain period or even for one day

What determines the answer to that question is the details of your request or what you need

to be available in the rental service.

The price of a car per day differs from its monthly price, just as a car with a driver

has a price and a car without a driver has a different price.

Well, what type of car are you looking for… Yes, the type of car determines the price, as cars in Egypt are divided into (sedan limousines – SUV limousines – 4×4 limousines – wedding limousines).

Do not worry, with Nassar limousine, there is no difficulty in knowing the price

of the car that suits you, as we provide you with a variety of limousines at different prices

so that you can choose what suits you best.

Rent limousines in Egypt at the lowest prices and the best services

as our prices start from 600 pounds for 2021 model cars.

With us, do not ask how much is the price of renting a limousine

because with us you will find the car you need at the price that suits you

The price of renting a long-distance limousine starts at very competitive prices. Do not hesitate to check out our distinguished selection of wedding cars

Airport rent limousine from a limousine company

Cairo International Airport limousine rental, where we provide you with all airport services related to tourist transportation

, including excellent reception services, and therefore an excellent farewell service

We have limousine rental at Burj Al Arab Airport and limousine services

throughout Alexandria for our clients residing there or coming from inside and outside Egypt.

Borg El Arab Airport Private limousine rental is not only for airport services. We also provide you with private limousine services for all your transfers within Alexandria

For rent a limousine for reception services for arrivals to the airport

and to deliver them to places of residence and hotels

  Limousine rental in Egypt for distinguished transportation services that we offer to travelers through Cairo

International Airport, Burj Al Arab Airport, Hurghada Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport

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For reservations and inquiries: 0201119940301+

WhatsApp service is available

Working hours: from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm

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